Is it good to eat yogurt every day?

Yogurt is made by bacteria that ferment milk. Therefore, yogurt has many beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should eat yogurt regularly to bring great effects. Here are the benefits of yogurt and the notes when eating yogurt.

1.Yogurt is good for digestion

Yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria for your gut, helping the digestive system better, such as probiotics bifidobacterium and lactobacillus which have been shown to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome likes, a common disorder affecting the colon. The active ingredients in yogurt also work to prevent H.pylori bacteria (bacteria that cause ulcers).

2.Lower blood cholesterol

Many studies have shown that: the bacteria in yogurt have the ability to decompose, push excess cholesterol out of the body, balancing between good and bad to ensure good and stable blood flow.

3.Prevents Osteoporosis

Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and calcium content. Not only that, yogurt also provides an abundant amount of protein, about 12g of protein in 200g of yogurt. Research shows that eating yogurt daily helps maintain strong bones.

4.Helps with weight control

Yogurt here is not considered a food for weight loss. Eating yogurt is to provide more protein, calcium and micronutrients to reduce energy intake from other foods, thus helping you control your weight and limit that weight gain.

5.Strengthens the Immune System

Probiotics in yogurt are beneficial to health, increase resistance, fight common colds, help the body add vitamins A, B12, C…. You can eat yogurt from 2-3 boxes a day will make the body healthier, avoid daily colds and flu.

6.Treating vaginal infections

Clinical studies have shown that the probiotic content in yogurt has the ability to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, in addition, the lactic acid in yogurt helps to inhibit the growth of harmful fungal bacteria in the vagina. . Therefore, yogurt is also effective in treating vaginal itching extremely effectively to help avoid inflammatory conditions and symptoms in the private area.

In addition to supporting health from the inside, yogurt is also very useful for beauty.

7.Exfoliate dead skin cells

Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells. The gentle exfoliation process helps to brighten your skin’s natural glow and prevent breakouts, reducing the appearance of signs of aging.

8.Helps heal sunburned skin

If your skin is sunburned because of sunburn, don’t worry, now yogurt will help you. Yogurt has many nutritional ingredients that help soothe sunburned skin, stimulate skin regeneration, and help sunburn fade quickly.

9.Helps treat dark spots and acne

The amount of vitamin C in yogurt helps to fade dark spots effectively. You can wash your face with yogurt or make yogurt masks for beauty that will help acne and dark spots disappear quickly, besides yogurt also has the effect of making skin whiter and pinker after only a short time of use.

10.Some harmful effects of eating too much yogurt

Although eating every day is very good, if you take too much, it will lead to the following harms:

  • Indigestion: If you eat too much yogurt during the day, it will lead to abdominal pain, bloating, nausea or diarrhea.
  • Causes obesity: Although yogurt can help your body weight stabilize, if you eat a lot, it will cause obesity because yogurt contains sugar.
  • Allergies: If you are allergic to milk or yogurt, do not use it because it will cause breathing difficulties, rashes and even vomiting.

Every day you should only eat 2 boxes of yogurt, the time to eat yogurt after meals is from 1 to 2 hours or in the evening. You can refer to more details Eating yogurt the right way is good to help improve your health, skin, and physique.

Easy to eat, easy to use, yogurt is always a very popular food. Above are the effects of yogurt, hope to have brought everyone a lot of useful information for health.